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Glover Associates & Consulting Ltd’s Managing Director, John Glover, contributes regularly to a number of important health, safety and environmental articles for various magazines and has written the recent book Risk Management of Machinery and Work Equipment:

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Understanding the legislation, Directives and standards that apply to machinery and work equipment can be a difficult task. If your organization uses or supplies machinery as part of its operations, you’ll need a clear understanding of what’s required for legal compliance.

This title has been published by BSI and is widely available.

Published by BSI Global (click to purchase).

We provide professional advice and guidance to clients in a number of different market areas and we are very active in renewable energy which includes solar, wind, biomass and tidal.

We can complete multi-site audits, conduct reviews and position audits for health, safety and the environment, undertake special projects, implement new procedures, interpret up-and-coming legislation and recommend how to comply in a cost effective way.

We can write manuals, policy documents, guidance notes, and deliver multi-site training courses.

We deliver for health, safety and the environment and can provide a full package service to your business.

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