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As required under the Construction (Design and Management) 2015, our team Principal Designers will be involved in your project from conception to completion. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) require that health and safety is considered throughout a construction project from feasibility through to completion. The regulations apply to all construction works no matter how small however additional duties and dutyholders come into play if the project is notifiable i.e. anticipated to last more than 30 working days and have more than 20 workers working simultaneously at any point in the project or exceed 500 person days.

CDM places a number of duties on Client’s including:

  • Appoint a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor for notifiable projects;
  • Check the competence and resources of appointees;
  • Ensure that there are suitable management arrangements made for the project and ensure these are maintained;
  • Provide pre-construction information to designers and contractors;
  • Ensure sufficient time is allowed for each stage of the project and that contractors are given a minimum period for preparation and planning before starting work on site.

The Principal Designer is the Client’s key advisor with regards to health and safety matters during the project, with a number of responsibilities under CDM including:

  • Informing the client of their duties under the regulations.
  • Planning, managing and monitoring health and safety in the pre-construction phase, including; identifying, eliminating or controlling foreseeable risks; and ensuring designers carry out their duties.
  • Helping compile pre-construction information and providing it to other designers and contractors.
  • Preparing the health and safety file and then reviewing, updating and revising it as the project progresses.
  • Liaising with the principal contractor to help in the planning, managing, monitoring and co-ordination of the construction phase.
  • Taking into account the general principles of prevention.
  • Ensuring that all persons working in relation to the pre-construction phase cooperate with the client, the principal designer and each other.
  • Checking that all designers have sufficient skills, knowledge, experience and (if they are an organisation) the organisational capability to carry out the work.

Your project will be managed by a full-time Principal Designer, who has demonstrated their knowledge and competency to undertake the role as well as their competency in machinery and process safety.

Since the company inception we have undertaken a number of high profile appointments which has given us extensive experience and knowledge of projects currently ranging from entry level CDM works through to several million pounds worth of complex developments. Glover Associates & Consulting Ltd is unique in that we provide machinery safety, process safety, and CDM support for your projects under the one roof.

We have the capability to deliver at every phase of a project, from site selection, construction phase and operation to completion. Services include Environmental Impact Assessment; project management; ecology; noise assessment; planning; due diligence; resource assessment; feasibility studies; and post-planning support such as environmental monitoring.

To enquire about an assessment please either email us on or telephone 44+ (0) 1236 820909.

Registered Offices:
PO Box 3295
G65 5BB

tel +44 (0) 1236 820909