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Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH)

Glover Associates & Consulting Ltd provides risk management consultancy services to high hazard industries like manufacturing plants, chemical factories, refineries, power stations, pharmaceutical companies, distilleries etc. Our business is to help our clients to manage the risks of toxic gas release, explosions and fire which have the potential to harm many people and the environment.

We work as major hazard industry consultants in the major hazard sectors for a range of companies and clients – from small plants through to large upper-tier COMAH complexes.

Some clients require advice to achieve a “minimum legal” objective whilst others require advice to help them become a high reliability organisation with world class process safety performance.

We can help develop suitable and robust safety management systems (SMS).

From Government owned facilities to large multinational corporations across all process sectors, we are trusted with every aspect of the COMAH process.

More than that, we can help you to gain added benefit from your COMAH safety report by helping you to maintain it as a living document to support process safety improvement work, which is expected by the Regulators.

To enquire about an assessment please either email us on or telephone 44+ (0) 1236 820909.